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Calgary couples Counselling Lila has spent most of her life devoted to helping people. She has found this type of work to to be rewarding and fulfilling.  After raising her children, she went back to university to realize her dream career of  full time counsellor.  She has a Master of Social Work degree, specializing in Clinical Social Work (Counselling).  She works with couples and individuals including those struggling with abuse, and/or abusive behaviour.  She has a passion for all relationship concerns including minor concerns such as ’the blahs’ and more serious crisis issues.  Lila enjoys working with other relationships as well, such as family, friend and/or co-worker.  In 2011,  Lila decided to branch out on her own and begin Liric Inc.   Lila has been married  for over 30 years.

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Master of Social Work, Registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW)

Lila is licensed in the province of Alberta to perform psychosocial interventions (counselling interventions). You can also read a article that Lila co-authored here.


Relationships: Lila is a Gottman and Emotional Focus trained therapist. Her work includes pre-marital assessments, communication, anger management, trust issues, intimacy issues, adult family relationships, blended families and enrichment.


Lila holds to the idea that meaningful relationships are basic to our human existence. They influence who we are and how we perceive, ourselves, others and the world. Therefore past experiences can have a profound effect on current life concerns such as self-esteem, anxiety, and addiction and relationship issues.

Every therapist works from some sort of organizing theory. Different problems, personality and situations will sometimes mean she draws from different theories for the benefit of the client. Lila works mainly from a “Systems” theory. This means she will be looking for patterns in your life. (You may have noticed a few patterns already). She will then help you identify ways to change that pattern or learn from the exceptions when you weren’t in that pattern.

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