Counselling Services

Pre-marital assessment:

You may be ready for a more serious commitment and want to know, will this work? Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but research has given us much about what makes a successful relationship. Lila will interview you both together and individually, have you do a paper assessment and then inform you of areas of strength and areas to work on in order to be successful in your relationship.

Relationship struggles

Already in a monogamous committed relationship? Whether the relationship just feels stagnant or you are in a crisis, Counselling can help. There are many Stages of Marriage each with its own stresses. Counselling can help you enhance and strengthen your current relationship so it continues to meet both your goals. Lila is also well versed and experienced in counselling where domestic abuse may exist. She knows how to provide a safe and respectful place for both partners to find healing.

Blended Family parenting

Blended families are unique and bring their own unique problems. The main thing to remember is that a blended family is not a do-over, but a do-different. Parents cannot pretend the past does not exist. There are unique problems and solutions for blended families. Counselling can help you with the unique problems of your situation.

Divorce/Seperation Care

If your relationship is ending, this can be a very difficult time of your life. Whether you ended it or not.  One can feel lost, sad, confused and even uphoric all at once.  It is a difficult time to make decisions, with all the emotions surging so strongly.  And, yet this is the time decisions have to be made. Lila can’t give legal advice but she can help you process your feelings and figure out direction.

Other relationships (family, friends co-worker)

Are you concerned about other relationships in your life? Different relationships bring about different concerns and challenges. Often you, alone can change a relationship significantly by changing your role in it, so that it meets your needs better. Counselling can help you with that.

Grief and Loss

Grief is a normal part of life. It is often experienced with the loss of relationship or role that has meaning to you. People can become stuck in grief, and it can move into depression. Some grief is ignored and returns with triggering circumstances. Counselling can help you wherever you are in the process.

Child hood Traumas (sexual abuse, child abuse)

Symptoms of these traumas often appear in our current life and cause us difficulties. Many anxiety disorders, relationship problems and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be attributed to childhood trauma. As an adult you can work through the trauma in order to improve your current life.

Anxiety/Panic/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Do you have some of these symtoms of anxiety? Over-the-top worry, fear, hyper-vigilance, impatience, trouble breathing, chest pain or ‘racing heart’, dizziness, muscle weakness, digestion problems, stomach upset, diarrhoea, thoughts of “going crazy,” trouble sleeping, preoccupying thoughts, difficulty concentrating, avoidance behaviours, and/or repetitive behaviours. Not all of these symptoms may be experienced and, just enough to be causing problems with their life, relationships or work.


There are many levels of Depression from formal diagnoses to feelings or prolonged sadness, with no energy and negative thoughts. For the most difficult situations, anti-depressants can help. However, research shows, the most lasting relief is through talk therapy or a combination of talk therapy and anti-depressants. Often people find during or after therapy, they and their doctor can slowly reduce their anti-depressants.

Especially For Clergy

Clergy are in a particularily difficult position at times, being a leader, the one their congregation comes to and having their personal lives exposed to their flock. Being human, there is sometimes a need for support with their own struggles from a non-judgmental person of faith who is not a part of their association.  Lila has been involved in church life for years, and understands the unique struggles facing pastors, their spouses and their families.

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